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The Earth Cafe and Deli

750 asp, Norman


Going meatless is made easy at this Campus Corner spot, where a diverse menu caters to vegetarians and vegans (without forgetting the ominvores out there). The Earth boasts a menu that spells out the organic, fair trade and vegan finds, like pastries made with unrefined sugars and flours or the fresh smoothies. For something a bit heartier, try The Über, a veggie burger topped with cheese, avocado, sautéed red onions and more.

$$ Sandwiches and more

Meiki’s Italian American

6916 Northwest expressway


Freeing themselves from conventional recipes always done with sausage or pepperoni, the folks at this neighborly Italian restaurant have created a menu that allows a vegetarian to get it done without the meat — and that’s including the lasagna, too. Try the pesto pasta, the vegetarian calzone or the pizza that is created using just-cooked colorful vegetables. Meiki’s customers appreciate the efforts.

$$ Italian

The Stuffed Olive

12215 S. Pennsylvania


Going meatless is simple at The Stuffed Olive. Fresh herbs form the background for the luscious tomato-basil soup, which is not made with a chicken broth base and is super low calorie, too. The owner loves to share her expertise with customers. Also look for the pesto-garden sandwich done with spinach, mushrooms and marinated artichoke hearts.

$$ Sandwiches and pastries

Picasso Cafe

3009 paseo


nice items on Picasso Cafe’s menu can help you get into the veggie
groove. In fact, it has a whole listing for vegetarian food, including
build-your-own pizza, “chicken-fried” portobello mushrooms, the veggie
burger and the Frito chili pie. Incidentally, the soft pretzels are made
fresh daily, and they would go good with the health-conscious vegan

$$ American

Inca Trail Peruvian Restaurant

10948 N. may


are several dishes on the menu at Inca Trail that appeal to
vegetarians, including an appetizer potato with a peppery cream sauce or
the stuffed avocado that comes plated with vegetables. Several menu
items at this exciting Peruvian restaurant can be prepared without meat,
and the chef says his crew can work it out in no time at all.

$$ Peruvian

Pelican’s Restaurant

291 N. air Depot


imagine sitting and listening to the crashing surf. You can do that in
your imagination while dining at Pelican’s, which has a nifty nautical
theme and all the seafood to go with it. For pescetarians, it serves
Norwegian salmon, lump crab cakes with a remoulade sauce, grilled
tilapia, fresh oysters and luscious shrimp in several variations. The
salad bar is kept fresh and the dressings are house-made.

$$$ Seafood

Jimmy’s Egg

5012 N. Classen Blvd.


is just one of the many locations of Jimmy’s Egg around the city and
state. Jimmy’s Egg has also branched out into other states, too. Options
here include egg-white omelets, whole-wheat pancakes and toast, and
more. It has a variety of omelets, but if you are particular and want to
choose your own fillings inside an omelet, the cooks can do it.

$$ Breakfast and more

photos by Mark Hancock and Shannon Cornman

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