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Recent Human Biting: Sheila Bolar, 49, was arrested after biting a transit driver because she wanted to ride only a "hybrid" bus (New York City, January).

Aleyda Uceta, 30, was arrested for biting her son's principal during a parent-principal conference (Providence, R.I., March).

Curtis Cross was arrested for allegedly biting off another motorist's ear in a road rage incident (New Castle, Ind., April).

Lyndel Toppin, 50, bit down on his fiancee's arm, resulting in nerve damage, because she had arranged the cheese incorrectly on his meatball sandwich (Philadelphia, April).

Blaine Milam, 19, and Jessica Carson, 18, were arrested for performing an exorcism on their baby daughter that resulted in 20 bite marks (Rusk County, Texas, December).

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