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Filmed in Oklahoma movie features newly brunette Kate Hudson



So "The Killer Inside Me" is filming in Guthrie, starring Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson. And while CFN figured most people would be wondering how its director would be welcomed in the Bible Belt (Netflix his "9 Songs" for some unsimulated sex scenes), turns out all anyone wants to talk about is Hudson's new dye job.

"Do you like Kate better as a brunette?" asked Us magazine in a poll on its Web site. Faced with the mind-boggling choices of "Yes" or "No," CFN submitted its vote (which will remain secret, even under threat of death) in order to view the results.

As of June 1, an overwhelming 69.5 percent indeed prefer Hudson's darker locks to the "Goldie" blond ones inherited from her famous mother. More than 33,000 people had cast their ballot, so the "aye"s have it.

But that doesn't mean Kate's curls don't have their naysayers. Take the celebrity gossip Web site Dlisted, for instance. Commenting on the same photo of Hudson in costume, drinking from a red cup, it said, "No, this isn't a Piggly Wiggly cashier on her break, sipping a Bud Light in a plastic cup while strolling to her mobile home to turn her baby.

"And no, the movie is not 'Crushed Cheetos & Broken Dreams: The Britney Spears Story.' It's for a movie called 'The Killer Inside.' Spoiler alert! The killer is Ding Dongs and a box of Revlon Colorsilk No. 32."

That's harsh! Everyone knows it's more like No. 46.

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