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Fine Arts Institute hosts preschool art event



Step aside, Crayola and Rose Art. Preschoolers today are more sophisticated than previous coloring-book generations. 

Local artist and teacher Anna Welte is leading a "Mixed Media for Preschoolers" class 10 a.m. Tuesday at the Fine Arts Institute in Edmond, 27 E. Edwards. The 45-minute class encourages 3- and 4-year-olds to color outside the lines, and Welte will teach kids creative techniques in various media, helping young artists create works Mom will eagerly hang on the fridge.

Children will use everyday objects from coffee filters, sand and bent wire to cultivate their artistic passions. Combining traditional art techniques using crayons or tempera paint, children will create with layers of different textures and styles.

"It helps kids develop and strengthen their brains and their hands," Welte said. "They get to sit and create and get messy " if they want to get messy."

She said the most important thing about the summer art class is giving kids a learning experience outside of the classroom.

"If you don't have traditional elements like paper and crayons, you can still make art," she said.

Registration is required. For more information, call 340-4481.

"Jamie Birdwell

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