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Fine Points of the Law



"Everyone knows what an ankle is," said an official of the association of Texas medical doctors. Not so, said a lawyer representing Texas podiatrists: "You don't have an ankle. The foot actually includes the ankle." A state appeals court in March sided with the medical doctors, but the podiatrists say it's not over yet and that they may continue to treat ankles even though they are licensed to work only on feet.

When the recent Midwest rains hit Wisconsin, Lake Delton overflowed and completely drained out, into the lower-lying Wisconsin River, and the owner of a Lake Delton resort filed an insurance claim for "loss of income" since guests, realizing there was no "lake," had canceled their plans. So far, the resort's insurer has refused to pay because the whole thing was started by uninsured "flooding," even though the only reason for income loss is that Lake Delton is dry.

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