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Flash Gordon: Volume 7 - Alex Raymond



Checker Publishing

For those whose knowledge of Flash Gordon is limited to the 1980 film, the awesome Queen song that served as its theme or the recent Sci Fi Channel series, give the source material a try: Alex Raymond's original serialized comic strip, reprinted in a series of top-quality, rectangular, oversized hardbacks "? ensuring high collectibility "? with this seventh being the final.


One surprising thing is how Flash's adventures are told through very little dialogue; all the space-faring in these brightly colored Sunday strips is conveyed primarily through images, with Raymond's fine-lettered narration as your guide.


Another surprising thing is how racy they are in the realm of female near-nudity, especially "fiery, willful dancer" Gypsa." Pretty sexed-up for 1944, she spends a lot of panels gyrating in minimal costumes. Oh, and there's also the usual helicopter/laser war/giant creature action.


"?Rod Lott

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