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Flipping the patty



On Dec. 10, general manager Robert Brookshire purchased the hamburger and ice cream shop from Humankind Hospitality Group, which owns Picasso Cafe and The Other Room, and has a partial stake in Sauced on Paseo.

It’s a move that made good sense for the business and for the legacy of Kaiser’s, said Shaun Fiaccone, Humankind president.

“Kaiser’s is a mom-and-pop operation, which didn’t really fit in with what we’re trying to do,” he said. “Robby approached me about buying the place, and it was a good fit.”

Brookshire has been general manager of Kaiser’s for more than two years and will take on more duties as owner.

The bistro bears the name of the building’s original occupant, Kaiser’s Ice Cream Parlor. Before the current incarnation of Kaiser’s, however, for 18 years it was the Grateful Bean Cafe.

Born out of The Bean Project — a program to help the city’s homeless, ex-convicts and marginally employed — The Grateful Bean trained employees to work at the soda fountain and restaurant while helping them get back on their feet.

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