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Flossed over



From the Rose State College PR department comes this earth-shattering announcement: "Flossy Flossy" has just won a national competition put on by the American Dental Hygienists Association.

Two Rose State dental hygiene students, Joanna Roller and Michelle Parry, entered the competition that asked participants to make a video for folks who hate to floss. Roller and Parry put their video on YouTube, and the rest is hygiene history.

"No more pulling, tugging or frustration," the video proclaims, showing the students/stars hawking a dental floss replacement. "So toss that floss!"

In a video style that makes the pajama jeans infomercial look nuanced, viewers learn that Gum Soft-Picks "massage your gums."

Massage, you say? Go on!

The handy little flossers are also apparently perfect to use while playing HORSE with yourself (that's a basketball game, pervs), getting the mail and "riding dirty."

Congrats to Roller and Parry, who each won $500 for their winning video. Next time we're riding dirty, we'll think of you.

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