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Flower Review: Cookie Monster Fire


  • Phillip Danner

Strain name: Cookie Monster Fire

Grown by: Green Rush Processing

Acquired from: Eden Rose Dispensary

Date acquired: Oct. 2

THC/CBD percentages: no testing available

Physical traits: bright green with numerous wiry stigmas and light purpling inside

Bouquet: sweet and gassy

Review: Eden Rose Dispensary just opened a few blocks from my house, and I had noticed a good number of patients coming and going, so I dropped in and let them pick a strain for me to check out. They chose Cookie Monster Fire, describing it as a 60 percent indica-dominant strain. The buds were smaller, but coated with trichomes throughout and had a deep, rich scent. The smoke also is smooth and produces a very deep, gentle high that kept me moving forward. I smoked a bowl and then went about doing some work, forgetting that I had smoked until I took another break and realized how baked I actually was. I tend to gravitate toward sativa-dominant hybrids for the type of high that Cookie Foster Fire produces, albeit this one has a more relaxing vibe than the heightened edge I look for in strains to sharpen my focus. A cross between Cookie Monster and Fire OG, this one burns off well into a calming indica high before tapering off completely. This strain is versatile, making it suitable for both stimulation and relaxation.

Cannabis effects vary wildly from patient to patient based on a multitude of factors, including THC tolerance, brain chemistry and personal taste. This review is based on the subjective experience of one patient.

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