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Flower Review: Glue Zauce


  • Phillip Danner
  • Glue Zauce

Strain name: Glue Zauce

Grown by: Red Dirt Sungrown

Acquired from: Green Roots Wellness

Date acquired: Oct. 18

THC/CBD percentages: 14.55 percent/.07 percent (per True Fit Medical Laboratories)

Physical traits: green with very little orange and frosted with small trichomes

Bouquet: fruity and earthy

Review: After my visit to the Tischausers’ farm last month, I was looking forward to trying some of their greenhouse-grown cannabis powered by this summer’s natural sunlight. I had no idea what to expect but definitely was not disappointed. The cannabis strains I tried had a unique scent, a deeper earthy smell than most of the cannabis I’ve smoked over the past year, with a taste to match. The effects were immediate and powerful as well, keeping me both energized and relaxed at the same time. I had a similar reaction to their Special Ops strain, but the Glue Zauce is a cross between GG4 and Zkittlez. I wore myself out on both of those strains this time last year, but it was nice to have it in my system again and remember why both are so popular. I have wondered since its inception how greenhouse and outdoor cannabis would fare with the Oklahoma weather and now have my answer. Red Dirt Sungrown will be growing more indicas going into the colder months, and I am also curious to see how those will turn out.

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