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Flower Review: Glukies


  • Phillip Danner
  • Glukies

Strain name:  Glukies

Grown by: unknown grower

Acquired from:  Along Came Mary

Date acquired: Dec. 13

THC/CBD percentages: 22.78 percent/ .08 percent (per Scissortail Laboratory)

Physical traits: dense, dark green nugs with few stigmas

Bouquet: peppery and earthy

Review:  This strain, also known as Gorilla Cookies, kicked my ass like no other when I tried a run this summer from A Grade Organics of Oklahoma, so I was a little wary about taking it on a second test drive. I treaded lightly this time, taking only one small hit at first and letting it settle in before taking a second and waiting before stepping it up. That strategy was for the best anyway, as the smoke from this run was somewhat harsh and left me coughing after most hits, though I don’t know if that was due to dryness or the abundant terpenes, considering the unique flavor. The high again was intense, but that is apparently what this strain, which is a cross between GG4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, has built its reputation upon. However, while the effects were calming, they did not put me to sleep or make me tired; they instead settled into a deep but lucid calm after smoking. Heavy use is definitely not advised for novice smokers, but it should be extremely pleasant for the more experienced crowd.

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