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Flower Review: Grandpa's Stash


Grandpa's Stash - PHILLIP DANNER
  • Phillip Danner
  • Grandpa's Stash

Strain name: Grandpa’s Stash

Grown by: Therapo

Acquired from: Sage Wellness

Date acquired: Oct. 14

THC/CBD percentages: 19.95 percent/.09 percent (per Scissortail Laboratories)

Physical traits: light green with dull orange stigmas and densely frosted trichomes

Bouquet: sweet and herbal

Review: I have had several different runs of Grandpa’s Stash over the past year. All were powerful, all looked similar (with very dense trichomes throughout), but all had very different highs. Therapo is a name that was suddenly in everyone’s mouth across the Oklahoma City cannabis market during the course of a single week, so I sought it out. Its Sapphire Scout was the strain that kept getting name-checked, but since I had no frame of reference, having not tried that strain before, I was especially curious about this one. Just a fair warning: It heats up slowly but definitely gets your heart racing in a matter of minutes. It feels like getting high used to feel, which is not surprising, considering that it is a cross between three cuts of classic strains. Once the sativa-like effects taper off, this one is a calm, long-lasting high, but the come-on might be a little much for some. In that case, do not sleep on Therapo’s Sapphire Scout if you come across it.

Cannabis effects vary wildly from patient to patient based on a multitude of factors, including THC tolerance, brain chemistry and personal taste. This review is based on the subjective experience of one patient.

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