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Flower Review: Grapenstein


  • Phillip Danner

Strain name: Grapenstein

Grown by: Private Reserve Gardens

Acquired from: The Cannabis Refinery

Date acquired: Feb. 20

THC/CBD percentages:  23.45 percent/.09 percent 

(per Express Toxicology)

Physical traits: purple and light green with wiry orange stigmas and glittering trichomes

Bouquet: fruity and sweet

Review:  I know everyone and their dog has been talking about or reviewed this strain, and finally that fear of missing out got too intense and I had to check it out. The budtender at The Cannabis Refinery, which grows the strain through its Private Reserve Gardens, told me this is an inverse Purple Punch, with the Larry OG and Grandaddy Purp male and female plants swapped, which makes sense considering its appearance. However, the aroma is far fruitier than most Purple Punch strains I’ve had, akin to a jar of grape jelly. The effects are also more intense than your average Purple Punch cultivar, with a few hits of this one putting me through the roof. It’s definitely more of an indica high on this one, and though it made me sluggish, it did not make me tired. The effects also lasted a particularly lengthy amount of time, and I did not feel worn out when I came down, as I often do from strong indicas. While this was the only strain I picked up on my first visit, I’ll definitely be taking more Private Reserve strains for test-drives in the near future.

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