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Flower review: Silverback Gorilla


Silverback Gorilla - ALEXA ACE
  • Alexa Ace
  • Silverback Gorilla

Strain name: Silverback Gorilla

Grown by: A Grade Organics of Oklahoma

Acquired from: Herban Mother 

Date acquired: June 7

THC/CBD percentages: No testing available

Physical traits: Light green with a few orange stigmas

Bouquet: Pungent and earthy

Review: This cross between Super Silver Haze and Grape Ape was almost spongy as I pulled it apart, leaving trichome dust on my fingertips. It has a very loud aroma that comes through in the smoke. It hit the back of my throat hard and my lungs harder, triggering a coughing fit after the second and third hits. The effects were completely opposite, leaving my thinking and speech muddled even though the high itself was strong without being overbearing. When people think of an indica, I think this is what they mean. It definitely ended any ambitions of any productivity for the night, though that is not a complaint. It evaporated stress and left me yawning with a dopey smile. It’s highly recommended for an after-dark session. 

Cannabis effects vary wildly from patient to patient based on a multitude of factors, including THC tolerance, brain chemistry and personal taste. This review is based on the subjective experience of one patient.

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