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Flower Review: XJ-13


  • Phillip Danner

Strain name: XJ-13

Grown by: Heartland Farms

Acquired from:  Get Bak’d

Date acquired: Sept. 11 

THC/CBD percentages:  (No testing available)

Physical traits: Light green with a moderate number of orange stigmas and rich in trichomes that are denser closer to the bud’s core

Bouquet: Very deep, strong citrus

Review: This was one of those strains that I remember vividly from the single time I encountered it on the Oklahoma black market for two reasons. The first is the intense scent, which was my introduction to strong limonene terps. When I first got my hands on it, I was legitimately concerned that someone had accidentally poured Pine-Sol into my bud. The second was the intense, but cerebral high with no drag that I chased for years. I had long seen this one on the menu at Get Bak’d and am very pleased to discover that this strain is one that the dispensary stocks regularly from Heartland Farms. This is my first time trying one of their cultivars, and maybe I am prejudiced, given my prior experience, but I am extremely impressed. While the former batch I received was tiny popcorn nugs bordering shake, this full flower gorgeously glitters and provides the kind of high that I like to describe as “work fuel.” It definitely provided me with a second wind and allowed me to take on uphill battles with depleted reserves. While it might not provide the “stony” feeling some patients look for in their cannabis, it definitely fills its niche with me.

Cannabis effects vary wildly from patient to patient based on a multitude of factors, including THC tolerance, brain chemistry and personal taste. This review is based on the subjective experience of one patient.

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