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Followed by Static plans Norman performance, single release



The fuzzed-out and stripped-down sound of Austin, Texas, psychedelic-rock duo Followed by Static can only be appreciated alongside the analog artifacts that come with a vinyl pressing.

The band will join Early Beat and PVC Street Gang for a Friday show at the Opolis in Norman, home of Guestroom Records, where the pair has stocked copies of a new, limited-run, 7-inch single.

The vinyl release is for the song "Lullaby," which starts off with a perky guitar before devolving into a Jesus and Mary Chain sea of distortion and bass drum. The single's B-side, "AADC," begins with shimmering waves of cymbals, which are taken over by booming percussion and hollow, echoic vocals.

Followed by Static member Eric Rothschild admits that it might not seem that a two-person band would be capable of producing enough layers to justify the trouble and expense of a vinyl release for discerning audiophiles, but he said that the waves of distortion it unleashes are easier to wade through with a real record.

"Whatever riff you throw a distortion pedal on, whatever that pedal is designed to do, fleshes out more on vinyl," he said.

The group has also released material on cassette tape, and to continue the nostalgic nod, Followed by Static tours in its own "A-Team"-styled ride in the form of a salvaged conversion van that putters beyond its best attempts at falling apart.

"A lot of it is duct-taped together and plastered, since I don't have the money to track down conversion-van pieces from the '80s to replace them," Rothschild said. "It looks a bit like when 'The A-Team' had to go on their special missions and had to rebuild their van."

Only 100 copies of the 7-inch single were pressed, and because the CD format is quickly fading in popularity, Rothschild said audiences increasingly seek alternative formats that specialize in delivering one to two songs rather than full albums. The 10 p.m. show is $5, or $7 for those under 21. "Charles Martin

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