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Food for thought



This holiday season the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, thanks to Chesapeake Energy, is offering a unique opportunity for you to do something about it.

Chesapeake is matching every dollar donated to the Food Bank, up to $1 million. And every dollar translates into the nonprofit agency being able to supply five meals. That’s definitely something to chew on.

along those lines: Pat yourself on the back — provided you can reach
around that far — for helping Oklahoma land with a resounding thud at
No. 4 on the list of states that gain the most holiday weight. We did

According to and ongoing data from the New England Journal of
Medicine, the Sooner State packs on an average of 1.03 pounds for men
and 1.04 pounds for women during the holiday season. This is one rung
above Kansas, but three below Arizona, New Jersey and Texas, but fingers
crossed — again, if you can — that we’ll (b)eat ’em out of the top spot
next year!

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