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Fool's Gold



Reviewer's grade: D+


With a title like "Fool's Gold" to work with, letting you know that this flick ain't the real thing is just too easy. This iron pyrite of the Caribbean almost looks like a treasure, but the gold coins are just tasteless chocolate wrapped in stamped foil, and the whole thing founders at world's end. It's so stupid, it makes the "National Treasure" movies look like History Channel documentaries.


Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson are a pair of squabbling just-divorcers who are forced to join up again to locate a treasure lost at sea for 300 years before the bad guys find it first. Will you care? Nope. Will the plot twists mystify you? Only if you're surprised that Huckabee won big in Kansas. Donald Sutherland as a kindly multimillionaire, Ray Winstone as a rival treasure hunter, and Alexis Dziena as the millionaire's sweet but numbskull daughter supply major support. Only Dziena ("Strangers with Candy") scores any points.


I think Sutherland and Winstone have been around long enough to recognize a total disaster when they're cast in one. PG-13


"?Doug Bentin


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