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For Girls Only: Everything Great About Being a Girl - Laura Dower



ob, but Dower does a disservice with an occasional item that stereotypes rather than empowers, such as a page titled "Match That Princess!" or diagrams of cheerleader poses.

Luckily, that's only a small smattering of the content. The rest is useful, interesting and, above all, fun. How-to articles instruct girls on telling a good ghost story, tracing their family's genealogical roots, playing jump rope games and spotting constellations.

Readers can learn the meaning behind their dreams, tricks to play with a calculator, skills to solve a mystery and "? to show up their big brother "? how to make a paper football. Lists cover everything from trailblazing women to 100 commonly misspelled words, both of which boys could learn a lot from, as well.

"?Rod Lott

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