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Perhaps it’s real anatomy and sexual relations. Maybe it’s real history. Maybe he prefers that his and most other children should be exposed to his religious beliefs 24/7 instead of just all the rest of the time available for his religious teachings except during school.

Obviously, he does not care that most people do prefer public education and they know that it would be hurt by the vouchering of public funds to support religious schools.

Would every religion have a school?

I bet Jason Reese hopes they do not. I read his article because of the title (“Education as a common good”), which I wholeheartedly believe is true. Were I childless, I would still avidly support education, which we will depend on as a country when today’s children will become our leaders. This Jason Reese and I agree on.

Let’s put every bit of the money we can spare in educating all the children we can with real science and history. That will be to the good for all of us. That will not happen if the money is siphoned off for private and privatized schools.

—Chadwick Cox

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