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For Tim Rhodes



I practiced law for over 30 years, primarily in Oklahoma County, observing the operations of the court clerk’s office and Oklahoma County government. I feel it’s important for you to give Tim Rhodes your consideration and hopefully your vote on Tuesday for many reasons.

As a Republican, you no doubt favor limited government, but you should approach your decision in this race on the premise that the court clerk’s office is an essential function of government. In our litigious society, the clerk’s office administers and manages millions of legal documents upon which our county judicial system relies for accuracy, responsiveness and fairness.

The court clerk is an administrative position. It makes neither laws nor regulations. It is not a policymaking position. The person we elect should be a competent administrator, with the knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish the duties of the office.

There is no doubt that Tim Rhodes has that knowledge and skill set because he’s proven it on the job for the last 15 years. The administration in which he served as deputy court clerk not only achieved high standards in service to the judicial system, but also implemented many cost-saving measures and substantially reduced the size of the court clerk’s staff.

The modernization of the Oklahoma County court clerk’s office through the use of information technology has achieved a level of performance that has gained national recognition for that office.

You’ve no doubt seen the numerous endorsements Tim Rhodes has received in this election. There’s good reason for that, even beyond his impeccable record as deputy court clerk. He’s a good person. Tim and his wife, Sherry, have given to our community in so many ways with their professional and civic involvement and leadership.

Oklahoma County will be well served by having Tim Rhodes as court clerk. The Republican Party will also benefit from having Tim Rhodes as one of its elected officials; he will serve his county and party with honesty and dignity. The citizens of Oklahoma County will continue to have its court clerk’s office run efficiently and transparently.

The court clerk also works in collaboration with the county judiciary and other county officials on various boards and committees. Our county officials, both Republicans and Democrats, are working together harmoniously to provide efficient, yet adequate county services. Tim will not use the office to grandstand on issues extraneous to county government.

Tim Rhodes has an established working relationship with these officials, most of whom have endorsed him for court clerk. Let’s continue improvement in the court clerk’s office and in county government in general with his election.

Give your consideration and vote to Tim Rhodes for Oklahoma County court clerk on Tuesday.

Bleakley is publisher of Oklahoma Gazette.

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