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Forget Me Not



After introducing us to a few characters too many, feature-debuting director/co-writer Tyler Oliver gets to his proper stars in former tween-TV players Carly Schroeder and Cody Linley (from “Lizzie McGuire” and “Hannah Montana,” respectively) as sibs Sandy and Eli Channing. Headed for a full ride at Stanford, they’re in the mood for a little celebration, maybe even a loss of virginity.

While playing a game of Ghost in the town cemetery, Sandy encounters a girl who leaps off a cliffside. Investigating cops think she’s lost it, until her bad-behavior, sin-minded pals start suffering grisly deaths, one by one. It all dates back to a childhood prank they pulled on an orphan girl named Angela.

Part good ol’ ghost story, part “Final Destination,” the film is capably, competently executed, with creepy creature imagery and good gore effects. Notable is the balance of the two, with perhaps not enough to satiate hardcore horror fans, but certainly a fine amount to wean a new generation into becoming such. It certainly has more balls than many so-called horror films aimed at the middle- and high-school crowds.

If only they hear about it, teens can turn “Forget Me Not” into a word-of-mouth cult item that could serve for several summer sleepovers’ worth of screams. —Rod Lott

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