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Former OKC Thunder coach comments on his stay in state



One month after getting the unceremonious boot as Thunder head honcho, P.J. Carlesimo recently commented on his 13-game regular season tenure in Oklahoma City.

The coach got the old heave-ho in the midst of a home-and-away series with the New Orleans Hornets on Nov. 21. (Remember them?)

Carlesimo kept his family in Seattle during his very brief tenure in Oklahoma City.

"It just wasn't good not being with the family," Carlesimo told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. "Being back here is great.

"I needed to be back with my family, clearly. But that had nothing to do with what went down. In terms of that, I would rather get paid to coach than get paid not to coach. And again, forget what the record was, that doesn't make any difference. We went through similar (things) last year, not to the extent it's been this year, but you know you're working and as long as the guys are working and you feel you're improving. A lot of people say, 'Well, hell, you got out of it,' (but) I'd rather be working than not."

Did Carlesimo have anything to say about his replacement, interim coach Scott Brooks? Since starting off 1-12, the Thunder "improved" to a 3-28 overall record, which is still the NBA's worst.

"Scott and those guys will move on and do well," Carlesimo reportedly said. "It's great to be back (in Seattle). The only thing that was not comfortable about Oklahoma was (my wife) and the kids; other than that it was fine. People were great. The atmosphere was great. I was treated extremely well."

Following his short stint in OKC, CFN wonders if Carlesimo caught a recent episode of "The Simpsons," which aired Dec. 7. In this installment, Mr. Burns lands the Boston Celtics in a poker game and renames the franchise "The Excitement."

"Welcome to the American dream," Mr. Burns says in the episode. "A billionaire using public funds to construct a private playground for the rich and powerful."

After pondering what Mark Cuban (cameo alert!) would do, Burns decides to build a controversial state-of-the-art arena.

Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks while "Simpsons" creator and writer Matt Groening is a native of Portland, Ore. When the NBA voted to approve the Seattle franchise's move to OKC, owners in those two cities voiced the only opposition.


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