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Former Oklahoma basketball coach's boss plans resignation



Amid allegations that Rick Greenspan failed to monitor Kelvin Sampson's program at Indiana University, the Hoosier athletic director announced he'll resign at the end of the year, according to The Associated Press.

The NCAA, which originally alleged the former University of Oklahoma basketball coach committed five major violations during his Indiana tenure, recently accused the Hoosiers of failure to monitor " one of the harshest charges possible for a university " suggesting the school's compliance department should have been stricter considering Sampson's phone-call scandal at OU, AP reported.

Sampson, who was already sanctioned for earlier allegations of letting his fingers do too much walking while at Oklahoma, received a $750,000 buyout from Indiana in February. Although Sampson recently refused to comment on his NCAA experience (hey, the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks hired him as an assistant coach in May!), the former college coach recently issued a response to the allegations with his legal team, according to AP.

"I have been judged by many in the media and public to be a cheat and a liar and I have lost my job " all long before I will have had an opportunity to present my case to you," Sampson wrote.

You said it.

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