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Former Oklahoma hoops coach appeals with NCAA



Kelvin Sampson. 'Memba him?          

Well, the former Oklahoma and Indiana hoops skipper is appealing the NCAA's disciplinary action, according to AP. Kelvin was penalized five years for impermissible phone callin' to recruits in an order that could essentially keep him from coaching college ball for the next few years. The NCAA had ruled Sampson ignored recruiting sanctions already in place after a comparable case occurred in Norman.

Sampson's appeal makes two main points: The infractions committee was not fair and balanced (read biased) and evidence was just plain ol' misinterpreted.

The former OU coach admitted some goofs on his part (and from his staff) "¦ sort of.

"When someone makes a mistake, the first thing you have to ask is the intent of it," Sampson told The Indianapolis Star. "There was never any intent to do anything wrong. I've beat myself up and everybody around me about what happened.

"I can assure you there was no scheme. Nobody was sitting around trying to figure out how to get away with something. If you want to get away with something on a phone call, it's not hard to do. Mistakes were made, and a lot of people paid a penalty for it."

Sampson, who now works as an assistant coach with the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks, said he has to fight for his exoneration.

"I think they were wrong," Sampson told AP. "They were wrong in every way. If I didn't think they were wrong, I wouldn't have appealed."

The NCAA won't comment on appeals until a ruling is made.

Will Kelvin's Krew make another appearance in college basketball?

"I've not really thought about it, but probably not," he told AP. "I'm committed to the NBA, so probably not."

Sampson made his comments as the Bucks were warming up to play the Indiana Pacers in Indianapolis. The Indy Star reported fans held up signs during the game saying "Kelvin, text me: 1-800-GOODBYE" behind the Bucks' bench.

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