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Former Oklahoma hoops coach faces phone troubles



Hey, Kelvin Sampson; the phone is ringing. It's the NCAA.


Less than two years removed from his men's head basketball coaching duties at the University of Oklahoma, Sampson finds himself in trouble at Indiana University for the same reasons.


Last week, the NCAA released a report listing five major violations against Sampson. The report alleges he gave "false or misleading information" to investigators concerning phone calls made to recruits. The report claims Sampson let his fingers do the walking too many times, while he was still under probation from doing the same thing at Oklahoma. Coaches have restrictions on the number of calls they can make to recruits.


It would seem obvious that Indiana could have cut off Sampson's phone-time privileges, like any father of an overly talkative teen. But it appears that didn't work.


The report states Sampson failed to comply with the restrictions placed on him.


When Sampson first got into trouble while at OU, the school did not allow him to take recruiting trips, and he could not participate in calls to recruits. Indiana tried a series of corrective actions and sanctions.


This isn't sitting well with the fans up in Indiana. Many fans, and former IU players, did not want Sampson hired in light of the phone troubles.


"He shouldn't have been hired in the first place, and he shouldn't be allowed to continue as coach," Kent Benson told the Indianapolis Star. Benson was a three-time All American player at Indiana in the Seventies.


Want some more love, Kelvin?


"It happened right there in the NCAA's back yard," said former Indiana player Ted Kitchel, who played for the Hoosiers during the early Eighties, according to The NCAA headquarters is located in Indianapolis. "He did it once and kind of rubbed it in their noses and did it again."

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