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Former Oklahoma hoops coach faces recruiting restrictions



Former University of Oklahoma basketball coach Kelvin Sampson will face restrictions on recruiting through 2013 if hired by another school, according to AP.

Hoops fans remember Kelvin got Indiana University into a whole heap o' trouble after that school hired him in 2006. Now the Hoosiers accepted three years of probation from the NCAA.

Jo Potuto, infractions committee chairwoman, told AP Sampson lied to committee members.

"The former head coach said he did not knowingly participate in any three-way phone calls," Potuto told AP. "The former assistant said he introduced the recruit on the call and the report quotes a number of prospects and parents who said they were introduced to him (Sampson) on the phone."

Sampson, who was already sanctioned for allegations of phone call shenanigans at OU, said he was deeply disappointed. He's now an NBA assistant coach in Milwaukee.

"The accusations at hand are things that happened on my watch and therefore I will take responsibility," Sampson said in a statement. "I am truly sorry that there were so many people who were hurt in this situation. For the sake of everyone involved, including my family, it is time to move on."

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