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Former police chief faces traffic charges, fines in Bartlesville



It appears that once a police chief, not always a role model.

According to a story in the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise, former Dewey Police Chief Lester Leon Rogers, 58, was found guilty of obstructing an officer and speeding after a court hearing on Sept. 8.

According to the story, Rogers was discovered traveling in excess of a 40 mph posted limit back on Dec. 16. A police report said Rogers "emerged from his vehicle without being instructed to do so, and failed to return to the vehicle when so instructed."

The report also stated the defendant placed his fingers and part of his hand in his pocket, "giving the officer justified cause to secure the defendant." Secure is the politically correct way to say someone got busted and cuffed.

Want more PC language? Here is the court order: "At this point in time, where peace officers are frequently being shot and/or killed on routine traffic stops, it is of utmost importance that those individuals stopped, remain in the vehicle unless instructed otherwise or, if they emerge from the vehicle, do nothing that would cause the officer to fear for his or her safety."

After a judge handed down a guilty verdict, Rogers was fined $200 for obstruction, $50 for speeding and assessed for costs $44 per case, the story reported. Rogers retired as Dewey's chief in 1997. He served on the force more than 26 years.

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