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Former University of Oklahoma climate scientist shares a Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore



A Nobel Prize recently was awarded to a former University of Oklahoma professor " along with hundreds of other people worldwide.


In October, the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced that Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, would be the joint recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize for their work in disseminating information about human-caused global climate change.


One of those IPCC scientists, David Karoly, was until recently a climate scientist at OU. Karoly recently accepted a position in Melbourne, Australia " his home country.


"You should be aware that the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded jointly to the IPCC and to Al Gore," Karoly wrote in an e-mail while at a climate conference in Spain. "Hence, I did not receive the award directly, but as one of the many hundreds of scientists around the world involved in the preparation of the IPCC assessments on climate change and its impacts."


Karoly, the only Oklahoma scientist involved in the IPCC's fourth assessment report, answered a few questions from Oklahoma Gazette about the global-warming phenomenon:


Gazette: Oklahoma recently struck down the construction of a $2 billion "super critical" coal-fired electricity plant. What do we do for future energy growth? Nuclear?


Karoly: A mixture of energy sources will likely be needed to meet the future energy needs of Oklahoma, including increasing low-carbon sources such as wind, solar and natural gas, as well as carbon capture from coal-fired power stations and possibly nuclear power stations.


The IPCC is a scientific body mandated by the United Nations and World Meteorological Organization to assess reports of scientific data and publish its findings. Made up of hundreds of scientists worldwide, it's been issuing reports since 1990. "? Ben Fenwick

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