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Forty Minutes Of Hell - Gimme Some Delay




If you ever have seen Norman's Forty Minutes of Hell, you know the kind of live inferno the guys in the band let loose on the stage, their instruments, the audience and themselves.


The sonic pummeling, self-mutilation and vocal writhing almost has been fully replicated now so you can take it home with you. But be careful: "Gimme Some Delay," the band's latest release, might come alive, slide into bed with you, watch you use the bathroom and eat all the pills in your medicine cabinet.


The metro area is home to a lot of talented musicians who write great songs and give great performances, but Forty Minutes is one of a few bands around that want to put on a live spectacle and have as much fun as its rowdy audiences.


Imagine Iggy Pop, Electric Six and some unreleased secret drug-addled B-52's tapes melted into 11 tracks, and you have an idea what "Gimme Some Delay" sounds like.


"6 on 7" has distorted bass guitars and slamming drums offset by vocalist Brandon Kistler's staccato spoken vocal ramblings. Fuzzed-out filthy guitars spread through songs like "Think You Don't Know" and "Rocketship." The track "Johnnie Law" is among the best on the record; with background chants of "Johnnie Law, Johnnie Law, Johnnie Law" and high-pitched squeal-singing, it's as funny as it is fun. If you haven't seen them live, you will want to after hearing this record.


"?Joe Wertz

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