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Here is a partial list of transitional fossils: Pikaia, Conodont,
Haikouichthys, Arandaspis, Birkenia, Guiyu, Cladoselache, Tristychius,
Ctenacanthus, Paleospinax, Spathobatis, Protospinax, Acanthodians,
Palaeoniscoids, Canobius, Aeduella, Parasemionotus, Oreochima,
Leptolepids, Amphistium, Heteronectes, Paleoniscoids, Osteolepis,
Eusthenopteron, Sterropterygion, Panderichthys, Elpistostege,
Obruchevichthys, Tiktaalik, Acanthostega, Ichthyostega, Hynerpeton,
Labyrinthodonts, Lungfish and Temnospondyls.

—Jay Edwards

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