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Four Sheets to the Wind



Reviewer's grade: B


On the day his father commits suicide, Cufe Smallhill's familiar world starts to change. Cufe (Cody Lightning) leaves his mother's house to visit his sister Miri (Tamara Podemski) in Tulsa, where she lives, works, steals, drinks and sleeps around. On his first day in town Cufe meets Francie (Laura Bailey), and Cufe starts coming out of his shell, realizing his world has many more possibilities than he ever thought.


Written and directed by Oklahoman Sterlin Harjo, "Four Sheets to the Wind" was shot on location in Holdenville and Tulsa. While not action-packed, the character-driven story has a steady impetus and subtle humor that draws one in, and the relatively unknown actors display a skill and sensitivity that speaks of good things for their future careers. It's screening at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art Thursday through Sunday, and Nov. 5 in Meacham Auditorium at the University of Oklahoma; Harjo will be present at the latter. R


"?Mike Robertson 


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