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Fresh from a farmhouse, Dead Meadow brings lush sound to Norman



Los Angeles-based psychedelic group Dead Meadow is set to play Norman's Opolis Tuesday night, where it will showcase songs from its new album, "Old Growth," which was recorded on an Indiana farm.

"When you're recording, it's nice to get away from everything so you can't get distracted by friends," bassist Steve Kille said. "You're out in the middle of nowhere. There's no cell phone coverage."

The trio is often lumped in with other stoner and psych-rock bands. Its songs are lush, rolling waves of guitar fuzz and fat, bluesy bass lines with washed-over vocals drizzled between jam sessions. Kille said that the band had its early days in mind when it gathered to record.

"So many people talk about our first record, saying it was the most inspired," he said. "But when we made that record, we were recording on cheap equipment and didn't think it was anywhere close to what we wanted. All that lushness was lost."

When they were ready to work on the new material, members cut ties with civilization and holed up in the Indiana farmhouse. Kille said the band's attitude greatly affected what came out during recording.

"You can be playing something pretty simple, but the overall vibe, having been jamming all night, drinking and "¦ whatever else," he said, laughing. "It's cool to capture that on tape and not lose it." "Charles Martin

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