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Friday the 13th Part 2: Deluxe Edition




Avenging the beheading of his loving mother, Jason Voorhees embarks on his first killing spree in "Friday the 13th Part 2," the instant sequel to the slasher classic. Unlike its big brother, this one isn't being re-released uncut, but it comes with several new special features.

As sequels go, this one's pretty good. The prologue is teasingly suspenseful, and it's quite novel to see Jason lumbering around in a burlap sack (as his iconic hockey mask wasn't acquired until midway through "Part 3"). The slightly confusing ending is about the only misstep it makes, and Amy Steel makes for an engaging leading lady, operating on a level above the rest of the franchise's unfortunate campers.

Most likely to be embraced among the bonuses is the second installment of "Lost Tales from Camp Blood," a Camp Crystal Lake mini-movie, this time starring two stranded motorists — never a good thing in fright cinema. Peter Bracke, who authored an excellent, comprehensive book on the "Friday" franchise, is interviewed about that, while a short doc looks at how horror conventions help keep the Voorhees machine alive.

Four former Jasons participate in a 30-minute panel discussion in "Jason Forever," which previously was only available on an exclusive promotional disc through Best Buy. The film's effective (but spoiler-filled) theatrical trailer rounds out the goods. —?Rod Lott

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