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Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning: Deluxe Edition




As a fan interviewed on this disc's making-of featurette says, the poor rep of "Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning" is, ahem, "bullshit." I have to agree. At least it does something different "? spoiler alert until the next paragraph "?  in having Jason Voorhees not actually be Jason Voorhees, but a disgruntled paramedic assuming his identity to exact revenge.

Besides, it's got obnoxious young campers, and those campers pay for their own stupidity via the business end of Jason's machete, so what more do you want? Perhaps a wisecracking African-American kid who tries to mow Jason down with a tractor? OK, you got that, too.

A troubled production, the disc's special features touch on that, but not quite to the extent one would like. In both his commentary and the featurette, director Danny Steinmann alludes to battles with the MPAA, especially with a three-minute-long sex scene that was torn to shreds. Too bad there are no deleted scenes here for that!

But you do get another "Lost Tales from Camp Blood" episode, continuing with the storyline from the one on "The Final Chapter" DVD. Also continuing is the "Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited" mockumentary. All in all, there aren't quite as many bonuses here as the previous sequel, but certainly more than most movies with an IMDB rating of 3.9 get.

"?Rod Lott


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