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Fries with that?



Looks like someone may have started their St. Patrick's Day early.

According to The Oke, a woman skipped the first drive-through window at a southside McDonald's last Tuesday morning and proceeded straight to the second one, looking for her tasty, tasty meal. But when workers informed her that she had to, y'know, pay and stuff, she got just a bit angry.

The woman proceeded to climb through the window " yes, through the window " and started killing delicious milkshakes by knocking them off the counter. We think that's what is called a "disproportionate response." (And, CFN factoid time, that term also comes up in a really good episode of "The West Wing.")

Workers called in the fuzz, who found one Cierra Steed, 20, chilling in the passenger seat of her car, where the police report noted the scent of ganja, according to The Oke. Steed was unsteady on her feet and, according to the report, didn't quite give the right name to the cops at first.

"Wait "¦ that's my cousin's name," she reportedly declared before coming up with the right moniker.

But Steed wasn't about to forget about her McD's. She apparently screamed during her ride to jail that she'd be back, and she'd do some more damage in the quest for fast-food deliciousness.

Steed was booked on a complaint of public drunkenness and released on bail.

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