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Funny But Sad'



The Aug. 6, 2008, article in Chicken-Fried News, "Outlaw the outlaws," about state Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, R-Moore, was funny but sad. Evidently, he has never been around gangs. He needs to talk to the cops that deal with gangs before he makes any more rash statements.

I worked nights 25-plus years in printing houses in East Los Angeles and West Los Angeles and I'm sure I worked with some gang members.

One time at 11 p.m., I had stopped at a red light and glanced across the street. A young girl carrying a small baby and a young guy right behind her were running as hard as they could. He looked over and saw me, threw his arm up and told me to "get the hell out."

Around the corner of some buildings came an unending line of the meanest-looking men I have ever seen. The clubs they carried looked like split four-by-fours and four-feet long.

Believe me, I got the hell out and ran two red lights to boot.

Don't ever underestimate gang members; they really aren't dummies.

"Norma Aloe, Midwest City


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