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Fur-tive style



Through the years, fur has morphed from necessity into the height of fashion, boasting glam, style and sophistication —and often a hefty price tag.

As civilization changed, so did the needs of people. For example, although fur is beautiful, soft and warm, it’s no longer necessary to make it through the coldest months. It’s amazing what can be done with wool, cotton and other fabric blends.

If aesthetics are what you crave when it comes to fur, many argue that faux furs provide a substantial alternative without any animals being harmed in the process.

right, Sue Kueffer at Ancient of Days Antique Mall

Whatever your convictions, this city is full of soft, warm options for those months when the temps dip.

Want real fur? Get yourself to Koslow’s (5637 N. Pennsylvania; 842- 8400). Admittedly, I was a little intimidated for myriad reasons. I’d never been in a store that sold fur exclusively, and I had no idea what to expect.

Thankfully, everyone was properly friendly and helpful. Sales specialist Chelsea Daggs walked me through popular fur choices, which tend to be sheared mink. It’s lighter and better-suited for the Oklahoma weather.

If you’re interested in a fur investment, Koslow’s currently has a massive sale on outwear and accessories, some items up to 80 percent off.

Daggs told me that alternations are done in-store, and Koslow’s can revive just about anything by adding length, taking some off, or actually pulling the coat apart and restructuring it to fit your look — perfect for those vintage fur hand-me-downs.

Speaking of vintage fur ... why not consider adopting? If you want the real thing, but aren’t sold on spending the money (or have a moral dilemma with it), try on some in-beautiful-condition pieces at Ancient of Days Antique Mall (2844 N.W. 10th; 942-2115).

This haven for haute treasures of yesteryear presents several pieces from shawls to coats, all displayed on mannequins and usually paired with retro dresses and jewelry. Modestly priced, depending on your fur stance, this could be the perfect fit!

If you can get by with a sassy substitute, you’ll have your options in the realm of faux fur. The Lime Leopard (12204 N. May; 755-3456) is a fantastic place to start.

Not only home to an ample supply of clothes, accessories and housewares, this Northpark Mall shop includes several patterned, well-made and gorgeous faux furs that not only will keep you fashionably and politically “in,” but also keep you quite warm. The length is perfect for Okie winters, and they could easily be worn with jeans or dressed up with a cocktail dress.

No matter your take on fur, once again, this city has you covered. Let’s shop, OKC!

Photo by Shannon Cornman

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