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Gallery adopts regular, public hours



An Oklahoma City gallery that has recently adopted regular, public hours combines works from nationally known artists with tribal art created in Oklahoma and from cultures throughout the world.

Nault Fine Art, 1114 N. Walker, specializes in contemporary pieces in varying media, like paint and photography, created by artists from all over the country, said Brian Nault, the gallery's owner.

Some of the exhibited works were created by regional artists, he said, but others come from artists who have featured pieces in well-known galleries throughout the U.S. One of them, Robert Stivers, is a photographer known for his spooky, ethereal images.

In addition to its contemporary work, the gallery also features African art and ancient bronze objects from Southeast Asia, which Nault said complement the more modern pieces.

Nault was raised in Anaheim, Calif., and briefly lived in Enid. He moved to Oklahoma City when he took a job as an accountant in the '90s, but his love of art was present even as he worked as a businessman.

He collected art to "sort of balance the two lobes of my brain between the static and the creative," he said. Eventually the creative side took over, and he opened the art gallery about a year ago.

It wasn't until this month, however, that Nault Fine Art took on regular gallery hours because he said he spent much of the past year working on other projects and traveling from California to New York to view art collections.

The gallery is now open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Additional hours can be set by appointment. Nault said the remodeled gallery was designed to allow visitors to see how potential purchases look in an urban, loft-type setting.

He has dubbed one of the rooms at the gallery the "tribal room" because it's filled with African and Southeast Asian art. He said the room was designed to be comfortable, dark and elegant. Maybe the room was too inviting, because Nault said that without realizing it, he slowly began moving his office items into it.

"Next thing I knew, my office was here in the tribal room," he said.

For more information, call 642-4414.

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