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Gazedibles: Delectable doughnuts



You can go nuts for doughnuts with these seven bakeries in Oklahoma City. Whether you want gourmet, classic, yeast or cake, they have you covered.

By Jacob Threadgill with photos Gazette / file and provided


Geronimo’s Bakery
1817 N. Martin Luther King Ave.

This institution has been around since 1972, and while it has become famous for its eponymous burger that includes a slice of ham, Geronimo’s started as a bakery. You have to act quickly to get its sweet treats because the bakery case is usually sold out by afternoon, but you can get a variety of takes on classics like doughnuts topped with cherries or a Big Texas, which is equivalent to six regular doughnuts.


Humble Donut Co.
5900 W. Memorial Road, Suite D | 405-470-4402

Found in Orange Leaf, this co-branding opportunity has its first location in Oklahoma City. Watch your mini doughnuts get made right in front of your eyes as the tender cakelike treats get topped with all sorts of sweet toppings — it is hard to beat its classic cinnamon sugar treatment.


Belle Kitchen
7509 N. May Ave. | 405-430-5484

The square shape is not the only thing that makes Belle Kitchen’s doughnuts unique. It has interesting frosting flavors like hibiscus and cereal milk in addition to classics like bacon maple and daily specials. Be on the lookout for filled doughnuts like Butterfinger with chocolate crème and candy topping.


Best Donuts
2320 NW 23rd St.

It might sounds presumptuous to name your doughnut place as the best, but its product certainly puts Best Donuts in the conversation. Its delicately frosted yeast and cake doughnuts hit all the perfect notes, but it offers a few services that set it apart from the competition. You can order from its drive-thru window, and Best offers personalized messages made out of doughnuts. Just be sure to act quickly because it closes at noon.


Social Deck + Dining
1933 NW 23rd St. | 405-602-8705

This new Uptown 23rd restaurant serves brunch every day and hits home on that theme with a wild blueberry cake doughnut that can be ordered from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. It gets the gourmet treatment and touch — made fresh to order and topped with powdered sugar — but at $3, it is basically the same as a doughnut from Belle Kitchen or Hurts.


Polar Donuts
1111 N. Meridian Ave., Suite B

This shop routinely makes national lists for serving the best doughnuts in Oklahoma. It offers doughnuts with funny names that are not for the faint of heart, but it backs it up with flavor. Polar Donuts is also one of the few shops in the metro to offer “spud-nuts,” which are made with dehydrated potato flakes that are more substantial than the traditional sweet treat.


Hurts Donut Company
601 NW 23rd St. | 405-839-8343

Have you ever wanted to host a 2 a.m. doughnut party after leaving one of the Uptown 23rd Street bars? This chain can satisfy your cravings 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It has an equal selection of cake and yeast doughnuts, all of which have fun toppings that can be an indulgent breakfast of sugar champions or a post-meal dessert.

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