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Whether you’re looking to keep a resolution or just a meal that will keep you refreshed, check out these seven restaurants.



Welcome to 2018, when, for at least the first few weeks of the year, we’ll dutifully try to keep the New Year’s resolution to shed the weight from all of those holiday treats. Whether you’re looking to keep a resolution or just a meal that will keep you refreshed, check out these seven restaurants.

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The Fit Pig

722 N. Broadway Ave., Suite 100


Operated by Nick and Carly Faulkner, The Fit Pig is a grab-and-go restaurant that can be heated up and eaten at home or at the restaurant. Healthy meals are available breakfast through lunch, and options include sweet potato hash, spaghetti and meatballs, veggie tacos and much more. There are gluten-free, paleo and vegetarian options. No meal is over 600 calories.


Provision Kitchen

6443 Avondale Drive


A combination of freshly tossed salads, pre-prepared takeout meals and hot bar entrees, Provision Kitchen is aimed at providing local, high-quality ingredients that treat you right. At the hot bar, choose a base protein like mole-baked chicken and add sides like harissa carrots or chili-roasted broccoli. All of the kitchen’s ready-made meals are under 500 calories.


The Red Cup

3122 N. Classen Blvd.


Chef Patrick Clark has gradually overseen The Red Cup’s transition to a fully vegan restaurant, aside from an occasional egg sighting. Plant-based chorizo tops a variety of standouts, including the Mt. Saint Chorizo and vegan mac and cheese. The Red Cup’s bibimbap features brown rice, raw broccoli and plenty of pickled vegetables and sauerkraut, which is chock-full of good probiotics.


Picasso Cafe

3009 Paseo St.


The neighborhood Paseo eatery is the perfect place for a large family. With half vegetarian and half meat-based options, there is sure to be something for everyone. If you’re looking to the plant-based side this time of year, try the newly unveiled tikka masala made with jackfruit to mimic chicken or the quinoa tacos.


Bistro 38

2903 NW 36th St.


What separates Bistro 38 from other Thai restaurants in the city is owner Tom Pakin’s commitment to “green cuisine.” Pakin and staff execute traditional recipes but add extra vegetables. For instance, pad thai isn’t just served with bean sprouts and a few carrots; it comes with broccoli and snap peas. Its volcano tofu is covered in a tantalizing four-flavor sauce.


Green & Grilled

6220 Northwest Expressway


The former food truck has found success at its brick-and-mortar location with a commitment to meals low in calories and high in fiber. Watch as your entrée is built in front of you as you choose from grilled steak, chicken, pork or tofu. Complement your entree with white rice that gets a nutrient boost from spinach and carrots or steamed brown rice.



6475 Avondale Drive


If you’re in a hurry, stop in at one of Coolgreens’ seven metro locations rather than going to the drive-thru lane of a fast food establishment. Choose between house-made quinoa bowls, salads and sandwiches. Most of its menu is less than 600 calories as long as you avoid turning your salad into a wrap.

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