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Gazedibles: Meals for the munchies



Even if you don’t partake in the consumption of medical cannabis, it doesn’t mean you’re immune to the “munchies,” defined loosely as cravings for anything and well, everything. Instead of throwing everything that sounds good onto a plate, here are seven spots with unique dishes to satisfy those haze-fueled cravings.

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  • Guyutes



730 NW 23rd St.

When you’re lit AF and the munchies come a-calling, Guyutes is the first stop on your list. From the Pip to the Tequila Sunfryz, each dish has a creative twist that seems like it was inspired by cannabis (and we have on good authority that many were). The Chimi-Choroo will burst your taste buds with its combination of marinated flank steak, grilled onions, peppers and skillet sweet potatoes, all finished with house-made chimichurri and feta and twisted into a flour tortilla.

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  • Burrito Baby

Burrito Baby


916 NW 6th St.

“But what if we put Takis… on a burrito?” There’s no way you can convince me that this chef wasn’t stoned when this recipe came to fruition, and obviously it was good enough to make it through the haze and onto the menu. The Flamin’ Hot Taki-rito is a stoner delight filled with carnitas, queso, refried beans, lettuce, Mexican crema, and yes, Fuego Chili-Lime Takis. This ghost kitchen concept is available for delivery, so you don’t even have to leave the couch (but if you do, it’s available for pickup at Rev).

Neighborhood JA.M. - PHOTO PROVIDED
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  • Neighborhood JA.M.

Neighborhood JA.M.

405-724-8149 (525 NW 11th St. #101)

In Edmond, Norman, north and south OKC and Tulsa

Wake, bake, then head to the Jam for a breakfast stoners can appreciate. For savory, try the Heap, a literal heap of hash browns covered in cheese, eggs, meat, avocado, pico and herbs. To satisfy that sweet tooth, don’t pass up the Looney Cakes, which are as crazy as they sound — carrot cake pancakes with shredded carrots and coconut, topped with cream cheese frosting, candied pecans, lemon cream swirl and finished with powdered sugar.

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  • S&B Burgers

S&B Burger Joint

405-270-0516 (20 NW 9th Street)

In Edmond, Lawton Mustang, OKC and Owasso

Everybody loves burgers, but when you’re high, you want something special. Something weird. With all the stuff. S&B’s has your back with a menu full of them. Go big with a half-pound burger, or mix up your flavors with juicy sliders. Get spicy with the Fire, a burger loaded with cheddar, green chilis, fried onions and chipotle ranch, or go Elvis style with the King, which is laden with bacon, peanut butter, lettuce and tomato.

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  • The Mule

The Mule


1630 N. Blackwelder Ave.

What do you get when you take chipotle BBQ pulled pork, three-cheese mac plus pickles and put it all in between jalapeño cornbread? The Macaroni Pony, which is one of the most delightful sandwiches to touch your lips when you’re under the influence of that medicinal mary jane. Don’t skip out on the Grand Lake Monte Cristo for dessert — this unique PB&J is completed with a scoop of Roxy’s salted caramel ice cream for a satisfying sugar rush.

Pizzeria Gusto - PHOTO PROVIDED
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  • Pizzeria Gusto

Pizzeria Gusto


2415 N Walker Ave.

Pizza stays at the top of the munchies list, and Pizzeria Gusto always hits. The roasted chicken pizza is a personal favorite, with its combination of unique and complementary flavors found amongst its toppings, including calabrese, roasted apples and onions, goat cheese and balsamic vinegar. For a more surprising flavor, try the butternut squash pizza topped with roasted peppers, mozzarella-provolone and caramelized onion.

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  • Good Times

Good Times


1234 N Western Ave.

It’s almost as though Good Times created their menu with the stoner in mind. Well, we know they did because their 420-friendly patio is a revered place to enjoy a drink and nosh on the aptly-named Stoner Nachos — a dish I invented at home one night but that they have vastly improved. This huge basket of Spicy Nacho Doritos is topped with black beans, onion, corn, queso and pico accompanied by guacamole, sour cream and salsa for ultimate stoner satisfaction.


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