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Gazedibles: Millions of Peaches



August is National Peach Month. As temperatures rise and the long hot summer days drag on, there may be no more quintessential summer staple than a refreshing peach beverage or dish. Here are seven delightfully peachy picks to ignite your taste buds and make your summer more flavorful.


Ding Asian Fusion
6400 NW 39th Expressway, Bethany | 405-603-8858

Ding is a pan-Asian restaurant offering Japanese steakhouse options, Americanized Chinese, and a fantastic sushi menu. Of course, no meal is complete without an order of tempura peaches. Juicy peach slices topped with cinnamon and served with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream.


Health Nut Cafe
722 N. Broadway Ave | 405-900-5222

Health Nut Café is a health conscience deli with six locations throughout the metro. They most recently expanded into their Automobile Alley location, adding a deli- cious and healthy twist to the area. Their menu boasts a variety of delicious smooth- ies, wraps, and other healthful fare. While it may not look ‘peachy,’ the matcha peachy smoothie is bursting with flavor and packed with nutrition, including matcha powder which gives it its green color and a boost of antioxidants.


Meridian Market
2037 S. Meridian Ave. | 405-604-0789

Meridian Market and Food Collective is a unique concept centered around their Source Kitchen. This relaxed bistro-style restaurant offers patrons locally sourced food, coffee, and wine, as well as a retail shop fea- turing Oklahoma artisans. For some- thing peachy, try their quail tips. This delicious dish features slices of quail grilled and topped with peach habanera monkey jam on a bed of sauteed cabbages.


Piatto Italian Kitchen
2920 63rd Street | 405-608-8866

From delicious housemade pasta and fresh Italian recipes, Piatto has become a staple for delicious Italian dishes. Their peach burrata salad is a perfect summer dish. This tasty salad of grilled peaches, prosciutto, buratta cheese on a bed of mixed greens and finished with a pesto vinaigrette is fresh and light, making it perfect for these hot summer days.


The Press
1610 N. Gatewood Ave. | 405-208-7739

The Press has long been known for their menu of comfort foods and modern ‘Oklahoma’ cuisine, and their peach cobbler doesn’t miss the mark. If you aren’t feeling dessert, treat yourself to an Okie Lemonade. This refreshing blend of peach lemonade, bourbon, and amaretto is mixed with cherry and lemon and finished with a Peach O. It might just be the perfect summer cocktail.


Smoked Out
6220 Northwest Expressway, suite B | 405-985-6328

If you’re looking for a great BBQ sandwich, Smoked Out is one of our favorites. Leroy Richardson operates the restaurant and catering business and prepares their homemade foods using a mix of family recipes and a few new ones that they’ve created on their own. Choose any amazing BBQ dish from their menu and complete your meal with a delicious peach cobbler or try their fried peaches - sweet peach slices breaded, fried, then coated in cinnamon and sugar, with housemade sauce.


Coop Ale Works
4745 Council Heights Road |405-842-2667

COOP’s Peach Pageant flavor is so subtle you almost don’t realize you’re drinking beer until you’ve entered the second half of it. At 4.1 percent ABV, this selection is a most sessionable choice, a Berliner weisse (if you couldn’t tell from the name, this one is brewed with peaches). To be honest, the peach is only slightly noticeable, but that doesn’t keep this one from being excessively drinkable.


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