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GEMINI (May 21-June 20)



When I was lead vocalist in the band Tao Chemical, I sang a tune whose chorus went as follows: "I want the truth / the whole truth / nothing but the truth / I want the truth / Don't beat around the bush." Shortly after we started performing the song, my girlfriend broke up with me. And she felt free -- given what I proclaimed in those lyrics -- to share with me every excruciating detail about her new relationship. It was painful, and I felt tempted to forswear the song and never utter those brave words again. But I was ultimately glad I didn't weaken. To this day, I prefer knowing the full facts. Now I'm recommending to you, Gemini, that you pledge yourself to the same intention in the coming weeks. It should be much easier for you than it initially was for me. Most of the truths rushing in will be interesting and enlivening, with just a little angst mixed in.

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