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Then again, it might not.

Levi Collins (Chris Sheffield, Transformers: Dark of the Moon) is a Rushmore-esque high school senior so smart-ass, he has a sidekick. He also has a full college scholarship for tennis, but that's in danger when he flunks science. In order to save it, he has to attend summer school without letting his parents know what's up.

After a promising start, the indie comedy quickly begins to waver before derailing entirely into an utterly unbelievable mess and an Al Gore-approved lesson. The problem is the entire premise: We're asked to sympathize with and root for a spoiled, entitled rich kid who's been handed everything and can't even bother to show up for class. I could not, especially since the script offers nothing genuinely funny as bait.

One of two bright spots is Elaine Hendrix (Inspector Gadget 2) as the perpetually frowning Miss Bradford, the teacher who gives Levi his well-deserved F. Hendrix can make even "yes" and "no" sound like punch lines, but she's hardly in the film. The other can't be seen; it's the Pitchfork-friendly music score by T.J. Hill and Jesse Pruett. —Rod Lott

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