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General Hospital: Night Shift \" Complete First Season





Disclaimer: I don't just hate soap operas "? I loathe them.


But "General Hospital: Night Shift" "? a spin-off of ABC's daytime powerhouse "General Hospital" "? promises something different. It's right there on the box: "More drama, more sex, more soap, more story."


More boring.


This is the same old stuff: melodramatic scripts with terrible actors wrapped up in one ultra-glossy package that only a crazy cat lady could love.


Broadcast last year as an original program of the cable channel SOAPnet, which I hope doesn't appear on my lineup at home, "Night Shift" is exactly that: staffers of General Hospital working late at night. It may be after hours, but that doesn't mean things are quiet. One doctor is lathering another doctor up in the shower, and in the very next scene, an ambulance blows up. Other employees are doing it in the supply room, oblivious to the druggies and burn victims down the halls.


"Night Shift" is a real mess, and it's shot in a semi-gauzy, quasi-video look that makes it look like soft-core porn. Just when you expect to hear the "waka-waka" music start to kick in, Billy Dee Williams shows his face as the janitor. Yes, the janitor. Progress!


Thirteen episodes are included; one was far too many for me. 


"?Rod Lott

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