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Genesis - Turn It on Again: The Hits' The Tour Edition





Grammy-winning English pop-progressive-rock band Genesis is back at it, touring again and releasing records after splitting and partially rejoining in 2006.


Around for 40 years, in some form or another, Genesis has seen several lineup changes, successful solo careers and chart-topping, award-winning songs and albums.


Its latest offering, "Turn It on Again: The Hits' The Tour Edition," is a sort of best-of double CD, which follows the first of a blitz of boxed sets that contain rare B-sides and re-mastered "super audio" surround-sound tracks.


The "Tour Edition" release seems geared more toward the super-fan rather than the casual Phil Collins enthusiast, and weighing in at 34 tracks, might be more than anyone other than the obsessed can bare. 


"Paperlate" and "Illegal Alien" are always fun to hear, and the new stereo mixes of all but one of the tracks might excite some fans. But if the only song you recognize on the back of this package is "I Can't Dance," you would be better served by grooving to a different anthology. 


"?Joe Wertz

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