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George Orwell would understand



This MAPS 3 tax campaign that was just passed in Oklahoma City was not about anything progressive in the generally understood meaning of the word.

Despite some public e-mails and statements made by prominent people and then echoed by those who should know better, using the word "progressive" to describe the use of tax money to fund assets for corporate, Wall Street-traded stock companies in order that the corporate money can be applied to stockholder dividends is not progressive.

Does anyone reading this really think the word progressive is a word that the Cornett Crew likes to use in polite conversation? For them, the word "progressive" is a synonym for words such as "liberal," "freethinking," "welfare," "public interest" and "socialism."

How appropriate that the MAPS 3 extension of the public tax for private gain will go into effect on April Fools' Day, 2010.

"James Nimmo, Oklahoma City

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