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George W. Bush visits Oklahoma City



Well, hot damn " look who came for dinner! None other than George W. Bush.

After dropping by Oklahoma City on Sept. 12 for a health care discussion at Presbyterian Health Foundation Conference Center, Dubya moseyed on over to a nice little fund-raiser in support of his pal John McCain, according to a story in the Tulsa World. According to the Los Angeles Times, the shindig was at the house of wholesale beer distributor John Cresap, a man in the same line of work as Cindy McCain's family.

Wait, wasn't McCain just saying something about change? We must have heard wrong here at CFN. Surely McCain wouldn't enlist Georgie in the campaign effort if he was meaning to kick out his policies as soon as he got cozy in the White House.

Dubya, however, did indeed attend a fund-raiser for McCain for President and the Republican National Committee, according to the World. The ticketed event was hosted at a private residence for a paltry $1,000 per person. We wonder if Bush brought a dish to pass " we have a feeling he makes a mean Frito pie.

If just being in Bush's glorious presence wasn't enough, guests could drop $5,000 for a picture with the soon-to-be ex pres. And for $25,000 (yes, you read that right), they could share a few knock-knock jokes with the leader of the free world.

Bill Price, an Oklahoma co-chairman for the McCain campaign, told the World the Republican nominee had not yet scheduled a return visit to Oklahoma.

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