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Four men will turn unwanted materials into art while competing for the
title of manliest artist in MANifesto’s Upcycled Macho Movie Art Walk,
on display Saturday and Sunday at downtown’s historic Film Row district
at W. Sheridan and N. Lee avenues.

Contestants will use materials provided by the sponsors to create works of art based on a “manly” movie. For example, the artist working with St. Anthony Hospital will be making art themed around “Back to the Future”; another working with BMI + ImageNet will take inspiration from “The Terminator.”

“‘Back to the Future’ — that piece is being made of old gurneys, pieces of old wheelchairs, IV stands — just all of the stuff we got from their basement,” said Allison May, administrative assistant at The Exchange.

The art will be on display from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday as a part of MANifesto, an “all gruff, no fluff” festival to celebrate men. A panel of judges will determine the winner, based on adherence to theme, innovation and quality of the art. The victor will be announced 4 p.m. Sunday.

“The idea just came from wanting to do something different. We really like the idea of using recycled materials for a piece,” May said. “Our business is on Film Row, where there used to be all of these old production companies, and we really wanted to do something tied into that. So we thought the sculptures should have a movie theme.”

For more information, call 601-9200 or visit

—Carmen Forman

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